PMSIS API documentation


The PMSIS API is a set of low-level drivers which any operating system can implement to provide a common layer to upper layers. Together with the PMSIS BSP, it provides a full stack of drivers, allowing the development of applications portable across a wide range of operating systems.


All functions prefixed by pi_ can only be called from fabric-controller side while the ones prefixed by pi_cl_ can only be called from cluster side. Any exception to these rules is documented where it applies.

All functions on fabric-controller side are by default synchronous and are blocking the caller until the operation is done. All the functions suffixed by _async are asynchronous and are not blocking the caller. The termination of such operations is managed with a pi_task_t object, see PMSIS API documentation for more information.

Functions on cluster-side are by default synchronous but can also be asynchronous if the documentation of the function mentions it.

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